I am a social entrepreneur and charity leader, having previously founded Dementia Adventure in England back in 2009, I am now leading Green Hive in Nairn following my family's relocation to North East Scotland in 2019.

I write about social enterprise but also write about other areas of core interests and passions of mine which you will see as subject lists: Mental Health, Running, Social Enterprise, Swimming and Travel.

I aim to write between 5 and 10 stories a month sharing my experience, expertise and insights about different topics. When I am not working or writing you can find me running the trails near Nairn or swimming in the sea at high tide.

If any of your interests chime with mine then come join the community, here are ways to get and stay connected.

Ways to stay connected

Let's get connected on Twitter @neilmapes.

Interested in my work projects, past and present? They are all here on my LinkedIn profile.

Watch and share my TedX Talk called Thinking Differently about Dementia - which includes my personal story behind founding the charity Dementia Adventure.

Subscribe to join me on my daily wanderings and musings whilst on Nairn Beach. I write 'shorts' most days as a Substack newsletter accompanied with a beach photo. Think of it like a 'thought for the day from the beach' in email form.

If you are interested in academic writing and looking for references and peer-reviewed research articles then you can find my authored and co-authored papers and book chapters on my Grow Kudos Profile.

You can Subscribe to receive my next Medium story by email and become a Medium member by clicking the links below. Both of which will make me smile and encourage me to write more. If you are not already a member you can also read more about The Benefits of Joining Medium.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to connecting in whatever way works for you.

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Neil Mapes

Beach wanderer, sea swimmer, trail runner and charity leader. Loving life in the Highlands of Scotland.